June 9, 2021 – Council Minutes

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Work Meeting – Review of Amended Contract WWTP:

Present: Jason Richardson, Richard Datwyler, Aliza King, Doug Burke, Becky Harrison, Mitch Bradley, David Swager, Jim Mullen, Marvin Fielding, Scott Humphreys.

Jim Mullen representing Keller Associates presented a handout showing the site layout of the existing WWTP and the proposed new additions along with a breakdown of the engineering fees percentage to construction costs. His general comment was that after a review of the engineering fees associated with the new system, Keller’s is holding firm on the fees as presented before council on the June 3, 2021 proposal.  He explained the amount of work and effort which goes into the drafting and engineering work involved in an addition of this type.  He recapped other engineering fees in relation to other wastewater treatment plants done by other engineers and Keller’s is on the low to middle end of fees. 

The mayor asked if the new tanks for the clarifiers would be at the same elevation as the existing ones or would they be lower.  His concern was the height of concrete above ground that would be affected by cold winter winds.  Mullen indicated they would be built at the same elevation as the existing ones but if they were to have dirt brought up around the tanks, then they would need to install a hand rail around the tanks.  He said most of the heat lost is from the open area in the ponds and not so much from the transfer lost from the concrete. 

The mayor directed questions to Fielding and Mullen regarding the SCADA system which Keller indicated they were designing with their in-house engineers but have been in consultation with Automation Werk who operates the city’s SCADA system.  The mayor questioned if Automation Werk system would be compatible with that of Keller’s.  Mullen said they would specify that the SCADA system be bid through Automation and yes it would be compatible. 

The mayor then directed questions on the headworks project with an estimated cost of $2.9 million and engineering fees averaging 22.6%.  He felt the headworks project was far simpler in design and works than the NUVODA and ox ditches.  Mullen said the headworks project would require non-ignition electrical works in all of the electrical system in the building.  The mayor pressed that even with that why were the percentage of engineer fees still so much higher than the alternative #2 proposal.  .  Mullen indicated they would have to take the fees back and study them for clarification.  The clerk asked what the proposed size of the headworks would be and what capacity does the existing one have and what will be new capacity. The current headworks can handle 3 million gallons per day.  At high flow the city had roughly 1.8 million gallons per day.  The new plant would add an additional 3 million of capacity flow.

Discussion moved to the projected fees for the resident project representative of $547,000.  Mitch Bradley stated he has had numerous conversations with Marvin Fielding and it was his opinion that the city not cut the time to have a project rep on site during construction.  Mullen indicated they had reviewed the projections and time line and the fees represent the billing rate for a project rep. 

Councilwoman Harrison felt the purpose of this meeting was to discuss the engineering fees and to see if Keller’s had any wiggle room, from the discussion it appears not. 

Jim Mullen then moved the conversation about the city retaining HLE to do a peer review on the project.  He as not opposed to it and in fact had done a similar peer review on a firm in Oregon.  His concern was not to be tied up with requests for information and to have total transparency between the firms.  Mitch Bradley stated he had discussed this with Marvin Fielding and between them they would be open to having joint meetings to discuss the differences in the design.  All appeared to be on board with the peer review and the process should be completed in the short term. 

The mayor asked if there were any other concerns/questions.  Mullen indicated that they would redraft the amended contract and delete the amendment for the headworks project from their contract.

Meeting adjourned: 8:26pm


                                                Jason Richardson, Mayor



 David Swager, Clerk

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