February 2, 2023 – Council Minutes

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The Mayor Datwyler called the meeting to order at 7:00 pm Thursday, Feb 2, 2023.   The pledge of allegiance was given by Mike Wilder and the prayer given by Doug Burke.          

The mayor asked the clerk to call the roll:

Councilman Orme                            Present

Councilwoman Harrison                Present 

Councilman D Burke                        Present      

Councilman Wilder                          Present     

Councilwoman King                         Absent     

Councilman R. Burke                      Absent           

Also in attendance:  Mitch Bradley, Chief Fullmer, Ione Hansen

Amend Agenda:

Councilwoman Harrison moved to amend the agenda to allow Grace Partridge to address the council concerning the scholarship fund she is initiating prior to public comment.  Councilman D Burke seconded the motion.

The mayor called for a voice poll:  all in favor none opposed.

Scholarship Fund:

Grace Partridge -the city authorized funds to support the annual scholarship fund.  The application for the IRS exempt organization will take 12 months to become effective.  She requested if the city could establish a scholarship fund through the city accounts instead of a separate 501(c)3. 

Councilwoman Harrison asked the attorney if the decision to fund it through the city needed to be an action item, which he confirmed it needed to be on an future agenda as an action item. 

Public Comment:

Rebecca Jones: Opposed to the proposed new urban renewal district along Rigby Lake Road.  Tax dollars should not support private developers.

Marie McLean: Opposed to the proposed new urban renewal district.  Issues presented in opposition to annexation were presented at the annexation hearing the same concerns are being addressed with the new urban renewal district.  Tax dollars should not be used to assist developers. 

Nancy Mahoney:  City did not notify the residents of this action (new urban development area) until yesterday.  All the items the developer stated in the annexation hearing is now to be done by the URA.

Hal Roberts: Feels the city is not protecting the property owners, should listen to the public.  Does not see the benefit of this proposal to anyone but the developer. 

Robert Mayfield:  The developers has gone back and forth on the proposal during the annexation agreement.  The developers are playing the city and want taxpayers to pay for the upgrades. 

Jim Harrison:  This is a disaster waiting to happen.  Insufficient room to widen the road. 

Barbara Mugleston: This is a disaster idea.  Project needs more thought and careful review of the proposal.

The mayor explained past benefits that the urban renewal district has done for the city in the past.  Citing street lighting, park improvements, grandstands, pirate park in South Park.

Public Works:

RFQ discussion: 

Mitch Bradley wanted assistance from the council on the RFQ- Councilmember Orme and Harrison to be on board.  Council will submit suggestions prior to mailing out the final proposal. 

Baseball use discussion:  Councilwoman Harrison moved to move the agenda item concerning the ball field for discussion now motion seconded by Councilman Wilder.

The mayor called for a voice poll:  all in favor none opposed.

The mayor discussed changing the organization of the ball fields.  The mayor would like to have the baseball system run smoothly.  The county said they would like to partner with the school district but to date have not done anything regarding baseball fields improvements.  Councilman Wilder would like to have the discussion tabled until Councilwoman King is present.  The mayor suggested looking to BYU- Idaho internship program for someone to be involved and oversee the ball organization.  Adam Hall as name to add the program to the city’s web page.  The mayor stated he was only looking for someone for the baseball only at this time.  Councilwoman Harrison asked to mayor to reach out to the BYU- Idaho internship program and report back on his findings at the next council meeting. 

Item tabled.

Rigby South Commercial Park Development Agreement:

Council reviews the agreement with minor grammatical corrections. 

Councilman Wilder moved to approve the Rigby South Commercial Park Development Agreement seconded by Councilman Orme. 

The mayor asked for a roll call poll: 

Councilman Orme                            Yes

Councilwoman Harrison                Yes  

Councilman D Burke                        Yes       

Councilman Wilder                          Yes

Economic Development:

LSI Wish List:  Items to be added to comp plan for upgrades.  Mr. Tolman stated several items.  LSI is proposing doing the work as a retained for $2,475 as funds become available.  If LSI were to locate funds LSI would pursue fundings on a time and material basis.  Mr. Tolman felt the city begin working on costs and other considerations on the projects listed to be upfront on funding as funds become available. Councilwoman Harrison felt the cost of monitoring for funds as funds may come available is pricy.  The Altura Group assists the city in similar way but we only pay them after funds are secured or submitted for proposal.  City may reach out to Altura and show them the wish list and see if Altura be aware of future funding. 

Eligibility Report on Rigby Lake Drive:     

Discussion of including the Rigby Lake Drive in an urban renewal district started two years ago and in addition to the Rigby Lake Drive, Hwy 48 east of the railroad tracks and the area along the INL bus site were considered areas that urban renewal could benefit.  The eligibility study is a first step in the process.  After annexation of the Rigby Lake area the developers did come to the agency to see if the area could be included in an urban renewal district.  There are 10 specific geographic areas that need to be present and at least one of the ten need to be present.  The study shows four areas were deemed as qualifying the area

  • inadequate street layout is met due to unusable lots;
  • faulty lot layout in relation to size, adequacy, accessibility of platting and insanitary or unsafe conditions in regard to water and/or sewer services is met;
  •  deteriorated or lacking site improvements is met;
  • endangerment of life or property is present due to the lack of fire hydrants. 

If the property is to be considered for development and inclusion the resolution is the first step prior to any formal action.  The planning stage will be the next step that needs to be done.  The agency is looking at providing water and sewer to the entire project not just one or two lots is not considered benefiting the district.  Mr. Tolman explains the incremental tax increase being allocated to the district and only those funds collected within the district must be used inside the district with very few exceptions.  Councilman Wilder stated he has not seen any urban renewal funds benefiting a private developer.  Mr. Tolman cited the Rigby Produce and PPI where funds were used to access across the railroad tracks and their employment benefited the city.  Councilman Orme asked about the consent of the property owners to be included in an urban renewal district.  Mr. Tolman stated they are in favor but have not signed anything at this point.  Discussion on the north end of Rigby Lake Drive the urban district would not extend beyond the intersection of Rigby Lake and 460. 

Resolution No. 214-2023 – Inclusion of Rigby Lake Drive in Urban Renewal:

Motion by Councilman D Burke moved to adopt resolution #214-2023 seconded by Councilman Orme. 

The mayor asked for a roll call poll: 

Councilman Orme                            Yes

Councilwoman Harrison                Yes   on the record she voted no on the annexation, but this may assist       with development of the area towards fixing the things needed in the area.

Councilman D Burke                        Yes       

Councilman Wilder                          Yes  expressed the same thoughts as stated by Councilwoman Harrison

Discussion came from the audience concerning the urban renewal district and the mayor asked if Mr. Tolman would step out and discuss their concerns in the hallway.

Police Dept Update:

Chief Fullmer reviewed upcoming events, training for two officers and traffic enhancement grants.  New cars are on order not expected to be built until March delivery uncertain.  Building locks and cameras installed and in place.  Looking for a contractor to remodel the police department.  Guns have been ordered.

Other Council Business:


Council Minutes:

Councilwoman Harrison moved to approve the minutes of January 19, 2023 seconded by Councilman Wilder.

The mayor asked for a roll call poll: 

Councilman Orme                            Yes

Councilwoman Harrison                Yes  

Councilman D Burke                        Yes       

Councilman Wilder                          Yes

Review and Approval of Bills:

Councilman D Burke moved to approve the bills seconded by Councilwoman Harrison. 

The mayor asked for a roll call poll: 

Councilman Orme                            Yes

Councilwoman Harrison                Yes  

Councilman D Burke                        Yes       

Councilman Wilder                          Yes

Motion to Adjourn:

Councilman Wilder moved to adjourn seconded by Councilman d Burke.

The mayor called for a voice poll:  all in favor none opposed.

 Meeting adjourned: 8:47pm



                                                                Richard Datwyler, Mayor



David Swager, Clerk

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